What is Feathers Against Bullying All About?

Feathers Against Bullying is a Non for Profit Organization that aims to address the ever growing issue of Bullying. The project is in partnership with the Toronto Catholic District School Board and will involve approximately Sixty Thousand students from across the Toronto. The goal of the initiative is to take a stand against Bullying, promote a positive message and ultimately create a safe learning environment through cooperation with students, educators, media and the community.

The plan is to distribute 60,000 recycled paper Feathers to Students in our participating schools. The Students will use their Feathers as a canvas to create their pledge against Bullying. They could write a poem, draw a picture, or simply write a message of hope. The Feathers would then be collected, tagged and affixed to a big wire frame Dove (approximately 15‘Long x 6‘Wide x 8‘Tall), thus completing the world’s largest Collaborative Art Installation.
The Dove would be unveiled at a Media event in May 2013, at a prime downtown location, where a Student, School Board and Sponsor Representative, will be on hand to receive the Guiness World Record certificate for the largest Collaborative Art Installation.
This project is not going to be a one time only event, this is simply the pilot year with the plan to expand in coming years. From Toronto, to the GTA, to all of Ontario and eventually all of Canada. In the first year we are looking to make about 19.4 million impressions through Student involvement, Parent & Guardian Info Kits, Media Exposure, Online and Social Media.

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